The Brain Salon Review – Brainwave Entrainment On Demand

Recognizing that the full, six-month Brain Evolution course represents a significant commitment that not everyone wishes to make, the company behind the system (Inspire3, Ltd.) recently added a more accessible alternative called The Brain Salon. This is a set of six, 30-minute sessions, paired up on a set of three CDs. The Brain Salon recordings are designed to alter your mental state quickly and can be used at any time and, with some exceptions, as often as you want. They may also be combined with the Brain Evolution System, since they do not interfere with that program’s long-term development of your mind. (In fact, some users find that their BrainEv sessions are enhanced by first listening to selected tracks from the Brain Salon.)

Brain Salon - Actual BoxThe Brain Salon does not use Michael Kelley’s 3P-DEAP entrainment process. At first, we were slightly disappointed by that, but on further reflection, this is not really a problem. As we discuss in our detailed BrainEv review, 3P-DEAP is a uniquely complex program designed to challenge the brain to become more resilient in the face of stress, and learn how to choose more relaxed states. BrainEv is a long-term program, so a different technology is appropriate. For the “quick fixes” offered by the Brain Salon, there is no need for such a complex entrainment method. Having said that, this doesn’t mean that the Brain Salon is simple – far from it. The Brain Salon was engineered by a New Zealander called Craig Tice. Tice has 30-years of experience in the entrainment field, and holds a senior position with Transparent Corporation, discussed on our home page. Tice’s work here combines binaural beats with monaural tones, isochronic tones, and some temporal entrainment as well; in other words, it covers all the audio bases. There appears to be less emphasis on the binaurals here, since the user manual allows listening without headphones. (Binaural beats deliver separate carrier frequencies to each ear and are useless without stereo headphones.) But, once again, this is not necessarily a problem. First, the sessions are not as concerned with hemispheric synchronization as is BrainEv. Second, monaural and isochronic tones are more powerful than binaural beats anyway. And, finally, it’s a lot easier to use Brain Salon for some of its intended purposes when you don’t have to wear headphones.

For example, the session entitled Ultra Deep Sleep is intended to be played Woman Sleepingover speakers at bedtime, descending all the way down to 2 Hz Delta to put you to sleep. Who wants to go to bed with headphones on? At the other end of the brainwave scale, two of the sessions – High Energy Espresso and Razor Sharp are intended to enhance concentration and focus, and can be listened to with eyes open and even while performing tasks. Any MP3 or CD that entrains Alpha waves or lower should not, as mentioned earlier, be used while doing anything that requires full conscious awareness. But these two tracks entrain Beta and high-frequency Gamma waves – interesting and unusual territory, and the opposite of relaxing. The remaining three sessions – Creative Spark, Happy Pill, and Power Chill are designed, respectively, to help you access the problem-solving resources of the subconscious, cheer you up by stimulating serotonin release, or simply help you release stress at the end of the day. We were particularly pleased by the targeting of a special frequency on the Alpha-Theta boundary known as the Schumann Resonance (7.83Hz). This particular frequency offers intriguing spiritual possibilities of connection with the earth.

Brain Salon LogoTaken together, the Brain Salon suite offers a range of options to meet a variety of everyday problems, bringing brainwave entrainment to bear directly and immediately on your quality of life in a highly practical way. To learn more about how these high-quality CDs can help you, click on the banner to the left or CLICK HERE.

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