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1 September

Free Binaural Beats – 3 Reasons Not to Use Them

Free binaural beats MP3 recordings seem to be everywhere these days, and that has to be a good thing. I mean, who doesn’t like free, right? Well, maybe we need to remember that we get what we pay for. Free binaural beats are free for a reason: they’re not as good as binaural beats you buy, and you shouldn’t use them if you really want to get results from your brainwave entrainment sessions.

Three Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Free Binaural Beats

  1. How Do You Know What You’re Getting? When you buy binaural beats from a reputable supplier, you can be very confident that you’re getting an MP3 or CD that was produced by a professional sound engineer using advanced equipment to embed exactly the right auditory tones into your recording. Decent sellers stand behind their products with long warranty periods – eight weeks in some cases – and have verifiable user testimonials. If, on the other hand, you download an MP3 from some kind of file-sharing service or some anonymous blog, how on earth do you know what you’re getting? It could be worthless junk with no tones at all, the wrong kind of tones, or such poor-quality tones that they will never work. There are all kinds of jokers and shysters on the web who will pass off garbage as the real thing, just for kicks. Always be suspicious of their quality!
  2. Stock Recordings are Inferior. If you are lucky enough to get an actual binaural beat recording for free, in all likelihood it will just be something from a generic stock catalog. If it’s been re-recorded or copied multiple times, the integrity of the tones could well have been compromised. We have to remember that MP3s are compressed audio files; if this compression process is handled clumsily, too much sound data will be lost. The whole point of binaural beats is to expose the brain to sound frequencies that it can’t normally hear (below 20 Hz); to do this, the left and right ears must be exposed to exactly the right frequency differential. Any significant data loss in either channel will corrupt the recording. It might still sound like a nice piece of music with a pulse in the background, but it won’t work.
  3. Free MP3s Could be Stolen. It’s no secret that the music industry went to war against file-sharing sites because of the threat they posed to creative copyrights and the income that flows from them. A lot of people are not too sympathetic towards the big music companies, and don’t lose any sleep over this “borrowing” of someone else’s work. Of course, there is a moral argument here as well as a purely financial one, and both arguments apply to the producers of binaural beats MP3s just as much as they do to music or computer software. Unless they’re giving away free samples, the original producers deserve to be compensated for their efforts.

If you’re going to take brainwave entrainment seriously, then you need to work with high-quality recordings that you know are going to work. Your time is too valuable, and your goals are too important, to take chances with free MP3s that almost certainly won’t do what you want them to. And you might be surprised just how affordable genuine recordings from top producers can be. You can find an excellent guide to the top producers here: Meditation MP3.