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18 August

Nitrofocus Review: Improved Concentration from Beta-Wave Entrainment, But Use with Care

PROS: Another high-quality, effective piece of brainwave engineering from Inspire 3. Includes multiple recordings to suit every mood and personality. Support sessions add serious value.

CONS: Users must ensure that they give their brains time in relaxed, unfocused states of mind. Too much time in the Beta state is unhealthy and counter-productive.


Inspire 3, the company behind the Brain Evolution System and the Brain Salon, has just launched a new brainwave-entrainment suite called Nitrofocus. As one might expect, the purpose of this particular set of recordings is to improve concentration, alertness, and focus – qualities that we all need to help us get through the never-ending requirements of modern life. While we have been endorsing products from Inspire 3 for several years, we have a couple of concerns about Nitrofocus that require some discussion.

Which Nitrofocus are We Talking About, Anyway?

One of the problems we’ve always had with Inspire 3 is the slickness of their marketing techniques. As we discussed on our main review page, we were only able to get past that initial skepticism once we saw how thoroughly well-engineered their actual products are. In the case of Nitrofocus – a product that obviously has great marketing potential since so many of us never seem to have enough hours in the day and need to maximize our productivity – the marketing consultants have clearly been busy again. The funny thing is, though, they should have spent less time creating talking heads for their landing pages and a little more time thinking about the name of the product.

Thus, if you’ve been trying to find out what Nitrofocus is, and you’ve done a Google search or two, you will have seen a lot of search results about a body-building product with almost exactly the same name (and a questionable reputation). Sure, there must be a complex maze of trademarks through which to navigate when launching a new product, but mistakes like this plant a familiar seed of doubt in our minds; namely, is the product itself better than the web glitz?Nitrofocus Banner

Since Nitrofocus has only just been launched, discussions of the product online are rather limited at the moment, and some of the first attempts at an examination are very disappointing. For example, one blogger who writes about many topics and recommends Inspire 3 products to his readers obviously hasn’t taken the time to look at what Nitrofocus really is and how it works. His discussion presents Nitrofocus as a set of binaural beats recordings, which is 90% wrong and too simplistic. So let’s try and clear these muddy waters a little.

What Nitrofocus Includes and How it Works

Nitrofocus is a suite of five main recordings and seven support recordings. The main sessions are all one hour in length and target low-to-mid Beta frequencies in the region of 13-15 Hz. (For more on brainwave frequencies, see our entrainment page.) This range of frequencies is closely associated with active engagement with the world around us; i.e., physical and mental work, study, and the performance of everyday tasks. These are the frequencies that people with Attention-Deficit Disorders tend to exhibit less often than they need to.

Nitrofocus users are encouraged to play the sessions on a recurring loop, and because the main method of brainwave entrainment is isochronic tones (not binaural beats!), it is not necessary to use headphones. (Binaural beats have their uses in entrainment – particularly for hemispheric synchronization – but they are less powerful than isochronic tones and require headphones.) This means that the sessions can be played while you are engaged in productive tasks that require unencumbered movement. This is not, in other words, the kind of meditation music you listen to in a recliner with your eyes closed; this is a soundtrack for action.

The five main sessions aTrouble Concentratingre Classic, Digital, Easy, Workout, and Ocean. While the main purpose of offering this range is to stave off boredom and satisfy varying tastes in music, there are some interesting things going on underneath the superficial sounds. One of the challenges that must be overcome when engineering a “waking meditation” designed to entrain frequencies while you’re active is the problem of background noise. This has been addressed by the inclusion of brown noise, which in the case of the Ocean session comes from natural wave sounds. The other challenge to overcome is the familiar problem presented by isochronic tones themselves. These tones have “square edges” and can come across as unnatural or jarring. To smooth out the soundtrack, and thereby encourage the brain to “get on board,” these sessions employ a technique called amplitude modulation, either as part of the brown noise or embedded directly into the main part of the track. Although the producers do not say so explicitly, this is essentially the same method as the temporal entrainment used in the Brain Evolution System and in the works of Dr. Jeffrey Thompson. In other words, this is the hallmark of sophisticated, state-of-the-art entrainment engineering.

The Critical Importance of the Nitrofocus Support Sessions

We suspect that many users of Nitrofocus will ignore the seven support sessions included in the package. That would be a big mistake, for there is considerable additional value here and, as we shall highlight, some of these support sessions are absolutely essential.

The Four Support Sessions You Cannot Afford to Skip

In our opinion, the first two support sessions, 5-Minute Break and 10-Minute Break, should be considered mandatory. Both sessions take you out of the busy Beta state and down into a more relaxed Alpha state. The first goes down only to 10Hz Alpha, at which point you should remain somewhat alert. This is actually interesting territory (as are most boundary regions), potentially combining an ability to focus on specific details while perceiving the whole of which they are a part; i.e., to see the forest as well as the trees. The second session goes down into fairly deep Alpha (8.5Hz) before coming back up to 10Hz. This will lead many people into a short “power nap.”

The 23-minute Anxiety Reducer more thoroughly explores the Beta-Alpha Forest And Treesbridge touched by the 5-Minute Break. Unlike the first two sessions, this one employs binaural beats – requiring the use of headphones – in a deliberate attempt to sharpen the analytical left hemisphere a little more than the emotional right. Both hemispheres are exposed to a combination of Alpha and Beta frequencies, though the left side sees higher ranges of Beta. This is an interesting session, and takes an approach to enhancing performance that could actually have formed the basis of the entire Nitrofocus suite, were it not for the headphone issue presented by binaurals.

Also important is the session entitled Memory Commit, which is 40-minutes long and targets Delta frequencies. This is the exact opposite of the active state of Beta, for this is the brainwave associated with deep sleep, mental rejuvenation, and physical repair. If the main Nitrofocus sessions have been running for hours, it is quite likely that you will need some help going to sleep, and the product suite would be incomplete and poorly conceived without this kind of support session. Although the term is not used by the producers, the method of entrainment employed here is monaural beats, not isochronic tones. Monaural beats are more powerful than binaural beats, do not require headphones (important when you’re trying to sleep), and are less jarring than sharp-edged isochronics.

We feel that the producers of Nitrofocus should have done a better job of emphasizing the need for periods of relaxation in other states of mind besides Beta. We have written many times on this website and elsewhere about the dangers of stress, and stress is inextricably linked to too much time in the Beta state. Thus, many discussions of meditation techniques in general and brainwave entrainment in particular center on the attainment of slower, more powerful brainwaves associated with the subconscious and unconscious minds. There are enormous reservoirs of human potential to be tapped in such territory, and an excessive focus on “getting things done” in the real world will tend to distract people from this opportunity for personal growth, mental health, and spiritual balance. This caveat needs to be borne in mind when using the other three support sessions.

Support Sessions to Use with Care

The remaining three support sessions – not short at 35 or 45 minutes each – take the Nitrofocus concept “to the max.” To be fair to the producers, they have cautioned users about the power of these three sessions in particular. For here, we head up into high Beta and beyond.

Brain PartsThe Brain Booster is a binaural beats session with a similar approach to theĀ Anxiety Reducer but no attempt at entraining relaxed Alpha waves. Thus, the left hemisphere is ramped up to fairly high Beta, while the right is not taken quite so far. The session concludes by returning both hemispheres to the so-called sensorimotor rhythm (SMR) around 14Hz. In other words, this is intended to wake you up and, ahem, get your ass in gear. The Focus Gym also aims at clearing any morning fogginess, but this session does not use binaural beats. Users will need to experiment to see whether they prefer the hemispheric approach.

The Analytical Builder takes us into one of the most interesting areas in brainwave entrainment: the Gamma state. Gamma is associated with powers and abilities of extremely high competence, resulting from a unique fusion of disparate areas of the brain. Buddhist monks with years of training in loving-kindness meditations are able to attain the Gamma state easily, but for most of us a little extra help is needed.

These three sessions must not be overdone. The producers are correct to caution users about irritability, anxiety, and insomnia if these sessions are combined on the same day. But we fear that the same warning applies to the whole Nitrofocus course if insufficient attention is paid to deeper states of consciousness. Fortunately, four of the support sessions provide an excellent response to our concern. Used judiciously, Nitrofocus is a powerful brainwave-entrainment tool and a worthy addition to the company’s existing product line.

Free Samples and Other Bonuses

Nitrofocus is sold in MP3 format for immediate download and subsequent portability (an important feature for this type of product, usable anywhere). Purchasers are given a one-week free trial, during which they can try the Classic main session for enhanced focus and the 5-Minute Break to relax when needed. The rest of the suite becomes available if the purchaser is happy with that initial trial.

Alternatively, a free 15-minute sample of Nitrofocus is available here.

Purchasers of Nitrofocus are also offered the chance to purchase the Brain Evolution System and the Brain Salon at deep discounts over their regular prices. We have already had readers take advantage of the opportunity to get their hands on BrainEv and other suites for less than the normal price of BrainEv on its own. See for yourself by clicking the link below:


19 August

The Brain Salon Review – Brainwave Entrainment On Demand

Recognizing that the full, six-month Brain Evolution course represents a significant commitment that not everyone wishes to make, the company behind the system (Inspire3, Ltd.) recently added a more accessible alternative called The Brain Salon. This is a set of six, 30-minute sessions, paired up on a set of three CDs. The Brain Salon recordings are designed to alter your mental state quickly and can be used at any time and, with some exceptions, as often as you want. They may also be combined with the Brain Evolution System, since they do not interfere with that program’s long-term development of your mind. (In fact, some users find that their BrainEv sessions are enhanced by first listening to selected tracks from the Brain Salon.)

Brain Salon - Actual BoxThe Brain Salon does not use Michael Kelley’s 3P-DEAP entrainment process. At first, we were slightly disappointed by that, but on further reflection, this is not really a problem. As we discuss in our detailed BrainEv review, 3P-DEAP is a uniquely complex program designed to challenge the brain to become more resilient in the face of stress, and learn how to choose more relaxed states. BrainEv is a long-term program, so a different technology is appropriate. For the “quick fixes” offered by the Brain Salon, there is no need for such a complex entrainment method. Having said that, this doesn’t mean that the Brain Salon is simple – far from it. The Brain Salon was engineered by a New Zealander called Craig Tice. Tice has 30-years of experience in the entrainment field, and holds a senior position with Transparent Corporation, discussed on our home page. Tice’s work here combines binaural beats with monaural tones, isochronic tones, and some temporal entrainment as well; in other words, it covers all the audio bases. There appears to be less emphasis on the binaurals here, since the user manual allows listening without headphones. (Binaural beats deliver separate carrier frequencies to each ear and are useless without stereo headphones.) But, once again, this is not necessarily a problem. First, the sessions are not as concerned with hemispheric synchronization as is BrainEv. Second, monaural and isochronic tones are more powerful than binaural beats anyway. And, finally, it’s a lot easier to use Brain Salon for some of its intended purposes when you don’t have to wear headphones.

For example, the session entitled Ultra Deep Sleep is intended to be played Woman Sleepingover speakers at bedtime, descending all the way down to 2 Hz Delta to put you to sleep. Who wants to go to bed with headphones on? At the other end of the brainwave scale, two of the sessions – High Energy Espresso and Razor Sharp are intended to enhance concentration and focus, and can be listened to with eyes open and even while performing tasks. Any MP3 or CD that entrains Alpha waves or lower should not, as mentioned earlier, be used while doing anything that requires full conscious awareness. But these two tracks entrain Beta and high-frequency Gamma waves – interesting and unusual territory, and the opposite of relaxing. The remaining three sessions – Creative Spark, Happy Pill, and Power Chill are designed, respectively, to help you access the problem-solving resources of the subconscious, cheer you up by stimulating serotonin release, or simply help you release stress at the end of the day. We were particularly pleased by the targeting of a special frequency on the Alpha-Theta boundary known as the Schumann Resonance (7.83Hz). This particular frequency offers intriguing spiritual possibilities of connection with the earth.

Brain Salon LogoTaken together, the Brain Salon suite offers a range of options to meet a variety of everyday problems, bringing brainwave entrainment to bear directly and immediately on your quality of life in a highly practical way. To learn more about how these high-quality CDs can help you, click on the banner to the left or CLICK HERE.

18 August

The Brain Evolution System Review – A Look Under The Hood

On our home page, we talked about how our initial reluctance to recommend the Brain Evolution System fell away once we saw what they were doing behind the scenes. Here, we want to cover the technology of BrainEv in much more detail, so you can see what we mean.

3P-DEAP: The Magic of Threes

Michael Kelley, the chief entrainment engineer behind the Brain Evolution System, calls his technique the Three-Point Dynamic Entrainment Audio Process, or 3P-DEAP. We call it the “Magic of Threes.”

The first set of threes we need to talk about is the unique combination of entrainment techniques employed here. While almost all other brain wave audio products deploy just one technique, the Brain Evolution System combines binaural beats with isochronic tones and temporal entrainment, for unparalleled effectiveness.

Binaural beats, while not the newest kid on the block in terms of technical innovation, are useful for hemispheric synchronization, since both the left and right brains must cooperate in “extracting” the phantom frequency difference between the two carrier frequencies fed independently to each ear. This helps the Brain Ev system achieve one of its fundamental goals; namely, better whole-brain functioning, for an optimal match of left-brain analytical skills with right-brain creative thinking.

Isochronic tones, also referred to as rhythmic entrainment, reinforce the entrainment with discrete pulses of sound delivered to the ears at precisely timed intervals. (The CDs are engineered down to the millisecond.) This is generally regarded as a more powerful entrainment method than binaural beats.

The finishing touch – the piece de resistance – comes from the addition of temporal entrainment. This is very clever indeed, taking sounds the brain has already heard and then deliberately slowing them down or speeding them up, encouraging the frequency-following response of the brain to entrain to the changing pace.

Michael Kelley describes all of this personally in a series of videos on the company’s website. Michael’s diction is as precise and articulate as you would expect from an engineer, and his belief in his creation shines through as he explains the purposes and mechanics of the system. His expertise remains available to you through lifetime customer support.

Your Personal Meditation Journey

The second set of threes appears in an “entrainment map” for each of the six CDs in the series. This map delineates the actual frequencies that are being entrained – showing you the journey you are about to take when you sit back, relax, and let the soundscape wash over you. This is where the Brain Evolution System really sets itself apart from everything else. Instead of entraining just one frequency per session – taking you down to Theta, for example – there are – you guessed it – three distinct entrainment paths on each map.

The three paths vary in significance: there is a prime tier, a major tier, and a minor tier. You can think of them as an interstate highway, a state route, and a narrow country lane. Your brain is actually presented with choices and, quite deliberately, subjected to competing auditory impulses. You see, the designers of the system could simply have taken you on a nice, gentle ride into deep, relaxing states – and on some of the discs that is exactly what they do. But the goal of the system is to strengthen your mind and to enhance your ability to choose a more relaxed state, even in the face of stressBrain Evolution System Entrainment Map. In other words, this is the meditation equivalent of teaching a man to fish: once you have completed the course, you won’t have to be “plugged in” to an audio device to keep yourself centered.

Thus, on many of the CDs, the major or minor tiers will branch off in opposite directions from the prime tier, offering a counterpoint of, say, alert Beta waves while the prime tier goes down through deep Alpha and on into the creative wellspring of Theta. In part, this is done to keep you consciously aware while you dive deep. It is not surprising, therefore, that many users of the Brain Evolution System report having lucid dreams after using the CDs, enabling them to work through long-hidden issues lurking deep within the subconscious mind. This is a tremendously valuable experience.

But the creators of the system also stress that the divergence of the three entrainment paths is there to make relaxation more difficult. This might seem at cross-purposes with the earlier emphasis on combining entrainment technologies for best effect: why bother generating perfect Theta entrainment if you’re going to offset that with Beta? Well, of course, the major and minor tiers are not as powerful – or convincing, if you will – in altering your brain waves. They are a kind of tease: “Fancy a little Beta, do you?

And it’s alright if you give in to that temptation – if you decide to wander down that little country road instead of taking the major highway to Theta. Your experiences are going to be uniquely yours. Over time, since you will be listening to the same CD for a month before moving on to the next recording, you will make different choices during your meditation sessions. You will learn that you have a choice – that you can control your own mind.

Who Said Meditation Was Boring?

Finally, it is important to note that the incredible richness of the 3P-DEAP recordings makes for a more stimulating experience, and one that your brain is much more willing to accept and, consequently, benefit from. Trying to railroad your mind into one target frequency is, quite simply, boring after a while. And it’s not the way your brain likes to work. As we showed on the EEG scan on our brainwave entrainment page, while one frequency may be dominant, there are countless other frequencies still on display by the brain. The brain is a fertile landscape, filled with multiple layers of lush activity, not a sterile monoculture planted with a single crop by an over-zealous farmer.

As should be abundantly clear by now, we are hugely impressed by the Brain Evolution System, and we think you will be, too. If you’d like to try it for yourself – risk-free for 21 days and with a full seven-month guarantee after that – click the banner below:

Learn More about the Brain Evolution System

9 August

The Unexplainable Store Review – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

What You Need to Know about The Unexplainable Store

The Unexplainable Store is a commercial offshoot of a website aimed at paranormal interests such as ESP, past-life regression, UFOs, and the like. Does that mean it is only for people interested in the paranormal? Absolutely not! The Unexplainable Store started out by offering a range of very-cleverly engineered, high-quality brainwave entrainment MP3s and CDs, utilizing solid scientific principles to deliver some exciting real-world benefits to users. Many enthusiastic testimonials back this up. But you should also be aware that some of the Store’s latest developments are taking it away from these sound fundamentals into less-proven, more speculative territory. You are free to go there if you wish, but we need to be realistic about what works and what doesn’t.

Most Unexplainable Store “reviews” are thinly-veiled sales pitches. From what we have seen on the web, this is the only site that is willing to be truly critical when warranted. As you shall see, we pull no punches here. We want you to be happy with your purchases so you will continue to rely on us for advice in the future.

The Good

The best products offered by The Unexplainable Store remain some of their original brainwave entrainment recordings. (If you are not familiar with the various states of human consciousness, please read our brainwave entrainment page or our many meditation articles.) A recent doubling of the product line-up added some recordings that target unexpected objectives, which we will discuss later, but it is the older recordings that have the most merit.

Delta Waves in Sleep CycleSome of our favorites include the health recordings entraining Delta waves to improve sleep patterns, boost the immune system, reinforce cellular repair, and stimulate DNA regeneration. When so many people in our frenetic modern world don’t get enough sleep, inducing a Delta state makes a great deal of sense (provided it is done in safe conditions that won’t impair waking functioning).

Similarly, the recordings targeting Alpha and Theta waves for relaxation, meditation, creativity, and memory enhancement are all effective and well-supported by scientific studies. We are on solid ground here; these MP3s and CDs can be purchased and used with confidence.

For those with more adventurous tastes, the esoteric recordings for lucid dreaming, astral projection, and Shaman consciousness all receive encouraging reviews from regular users. (One video review from a pretty British girl with a retainer is very sweet and heartfelt. Love it!) These may not be for everybody, but if you’re into this kind of thing, you want to stick with professionally-engineered recordings that entrain exactly the right frequencies; in this respect, Jim McElwee, owner of The Unexplainable Store, is unusually – even obsessively – precise. In the box below, we feature just a few of the many positive reviews from actual users:

Loading Quotes...

Other good points worth noting are the 60-day guarantee on all products, the wide range of entrainment methods (binaural beats, monaural beats, and isochronic tones), sensible pricing, decent-length free samples, and regular tips on how to use the recordings for e-mail subscribers.

The Bad

As discussed on our Meditation MP3 Review home page, Jim has always been on the cutting edge of the entrainment world. Perhaps it was inevitable that, after a while, he would go too far. There has always been a certain tension between science and superstition in the Store’s approach – a strange marriage between verifiable neuroacoustic research and New Age fringe pursuits. For most professional scientists (though not necessarily the ones in this field, like Dr. Jeffrey Thompson) that tension is simply untenable. And it becomes even harder to live with when science is invoked in a highly questionable way.

Some of the newer recordings are problematic in this regard. For example, who would think of listening to a meditation MP3 to cure acne, combat male-pattern baldness, boost female fertility, or enhance sexual pleasure? In the acne case, it is alleged that listening to Alpha waves will lessen the body’s production of the stress-hormone cortisol, which can contribute to skin problems. For hair loss, it is said that Delta waves will encourage the pituitary gland to release growth hormones to help with hair restoration. Unexplainable Store Scam?Our distant memories of the hormone-hell that is adolescence, and current experience with aging, tell us there’s more than a little wishful thinking going on here. The connection between cause and effect is getting s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d too far for us. Similarly, the pregnancy recording makes vague promises about general well-being from a “gentle Delta wave,” but ventures nothing specific. And the sexual products are described in equally flaccid (sorry – couldn’t resist) terms completely lacking in hard (again – sorry) evidence.

All joking aside, this isn’t funny. There are desperate, unhappy people out there who will spend money on anything that promises to solve their problems. But there has to be more than just a promise. We could say that these products aren’t going to do any harm – that they may have a slight impact on overall health by relaxing us – but even that might be too generous a statement. For there is actual harm in persuading people to do things that won’t work. If he keeps going down this road, Jim risks being considered a quack. And that would be a real shame, because then consumers won’t pay any attention to the genuinely useful products that do work.

Of course, the Store’s Terms of Service explicitly state that products are for “novelty purposes only” and “should not be purchased or used for any medical application.” Their product descriptions are merely “opinion” and offer “no guarantee on progressions.” In other words, caveat emptor.

Finally, we can not end this section without at least a passing swipe at the subject of an earlier post, the recently launched manifestation visualization video. This blatantly commercial creation represents yet another step away from legitimate entrainment tools in favor of useless gimmicks that waste people’s time and money. Worse still, this “easy button” discourages people from doing the vital internal work – like examining their long-held belief systems – that could place them in a position of genuine control over themselves and their lives.

The Ugly

O.K., so what could be worse than all of that? Well, the tension we discussed above between science and the paranormal has exploded in The Unexplainable Store’s latest marketing focus – the year 2012. Yes, it’s The Rapture all over again. Notwithstanding the deranged ravings of Harold Camping to the effect that the world was coming to an end on May 21, 2011 (or, Unexplainable Store Problemsas he now says, Oct. 21), The Unexplainable Store has been sending e-mails warning of something big happening in 2012. We don’t know exactly what, you understand, but something big. Apparently, all the major religions see it coming.

Give us a break, Jim. We’re not even going to bother writing about why this is ridiculous. What concerns us is that the credibility of The Unexplainable Store is being flushed down the toilet with these stupid claims that are sure to fall flat. Why on earth would you want to do that to your business? How can you continue to sell your entrainment products on supposedly scientific grounds and simultaneously spout this poppycock? You can’t. So don’t!


The Unexplainable Store is a bizarre mix of self-improvement gold with speculative muck. Our recommendation is to buy and use the products that have the most convincing body of scientific research behind them, and to experiment with esoterica if you wish. Be guided by the reviews of actual users, of which many are posted on the Store’s website. But always remember that, as with any self-improvement tool, the onus remains on you to improve your life. Brainwave entrainment recordings are powerful tools, but once you have reached a given state of mind you have to decide what you’re going to do there. No recording can do all the work for you.

Good luck, and happy listening!

Meditation MP3 Online Downloads

6 July

Unexplainable Store Manifestation Visualization Video – A Critical Review

As frequent visitors to this site will know, we have been recommending products from Jim McElwee’s Unexplainable Store for some time. While we still do so, we’re beginning to wonder if the Unexplainable Store has lost the plot.

Jim has added a lot of new products lately. First there was a near-doubling of the brainwave-entrainment recordings, with the new additions aimed at some highly unconventional objectives. It’s not too difficult to understand how, for example, isochronic tones in the Theta range could help boost memory and creativity. But when you start selling recordings that promise to enhance sexual pleasure, boost fertility, or reverse baldness, then you’re really starting to push the credibility envelope.

The use of crystals as meditation aids is an ancient practice, but the idea that they can be isochronically charged to enhance their effectiveness is boldly innovative and provocative. We will address these issues elsewhere on the site.

Our main concern here, however, is the latest product release: the manifestation visualization video. (Watch a short sample here.) Unlike audio recordings, this product combines an isochronic entrainment soundtrack with video graphics that are alleged to deepen the entrainment effects. That is nothing terribly radical; indeed, some of the first work ever done on entrainment involved variable light stimuli. The problem we have with this product concerns the textual affirmations and pictures that are flashed on the screen.

The idea here is to implant positive affirmations of financial success in the subconscious mind of the listener/viewer. Our objection to this boils down to two basic points:

  1. One Size Doesn’t Fit All! It is preposterous to assume that one set of affirmations and images will work for everybody. If our own experience teaches us anything, it is that even the slightest difference in an affirmation or visualization can make a huge difference to its effectiveness. This is a subtle art that requires detailed experimentation over time to find a “combination” that unlocks the door to the outcomes we are trying to manifest. And, more basically, do you want the same thing as everybody else? Of course not! If you’re going to look at pictures or recite affirmations, they need to be precisely targeted at what you want. The generic “symbols” of wealth in this video are almost insulting in their gaudiness and simplicity.
  2. Lazy Shortcuts Don’t Work. You can hardly call this a visualization session when all the visualization is done for you. While looking at images does work to some extent, the process of creative visualization is vastly more effective when your mind’s eye generates the images internally. That process of forming pictures and emotions within yourself is the essence of creating your own reality, the fountainhead of human creativity. That does require a certain amount of effort, but everybody seems to be looking for a quick fix these days – an “easy button.”

Unfortunately, it seems to us that Jim is starting to go down the same commercial trail blazed by Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret, which almost overnight transformed a hitherto fringe activity into a multi-million dollar enterprise. Just as The Secret horribly over-simplified the process of manifestation, Jim’s manifestation visualization video completely misses the wondrous subtlety of individualized creativity. It’s ghastly, and severely damages Jim’s credibility in our eyes.

We believe you would be much better off using one of the Unexplainable Store’s existing brainwave entrainment MP3s or CDs. While we do not approve of all of them (read our updated, complete Unexplainable Store review here), there are still some diamonds to be found in the increasingly thick rough. Using brainwave audio alone, you must still chart your own course in life, but these recordings will fill your sails with a helping breeze in the right direction. Click the banner below for more:

Unexplainable Store Manifestation MP3s and Much More