Lucid Dreaming for Adventure and Fantasy

Have you ever had a really great dream that suddenly veered off in the wrong direction? One minute you were flying with the dragons of Avatar, in a thrilling fantasy adventure, the next you were taking a test in school without having studied, feeling unprepared and afraid. That disappointment stays with you all day, doesn’t it? Well, what if you could actually control the direction of your dreams? There would be no more such disappointments! This is the reward held out to us by the art of lucid dreaming.

What is Lucid Dreaming?

Quite simply, lucid dreaming is the ability to retain conscious awareness and control while in the dream state. You know you are dreaming, and instead of being a passenger taken for a ride, you can elect to take a more active role and decide where that ride is going to take you. Lucid dreaming was first described by Frederik van Eeden in A Study of Dreams (1913), but was not fully accepted by the scientific community until Dr. Stephen LaBerge of Stanford University published Lucid Dreaming in 1986.

The Ultimate in Adventure and Fantasy

The movie Avatar was a tour de force of cinematic creativity, but it pales in comparison to the literally infinite creativity of the human mind in the dream state. We all know this to be true, and have had countless personal experiences that prove it. Now imagine being able to harness that staggering power any way you want: to fly like an eagle, to perform like a professional sports star, to have, ahem, the most satisfying romantic encounters you could ever conceive of. There is absolutely no limit to what you can do or experience when lucid dreaming.

So How Do I Lucid Dream?

Until recently, the answer to that question was: “not easily.” Careful cultivation of mental skills, such as the recognition of “markers” within dreams that trigger greater awareness while dreaming, has been coupled with “dream machines” that expose the sleeper to certain flashes of light or sounds, intended to remind them of their intention to become lucid. It sounds tricky, and it is.

But now there is a better way – an easier, quicker, cheaper way. Lucid dreaming can now be achieved much more readily thanks to the control of brainwaves that has been made possible by the audio technology of brainwave entrainment. If you’re ready for the ultimate in fantasy and adventure, and you don’t mind getting really good free samples, visit The Unexplainable Store. It’s the most exciting journey you’ll ever take!

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