Isochronic Tones – Should You Buy Isochronic Tones?

In an earlier post, Isochronic Tones – Why Isochronic Tones Beat Binaural Beats, we looked at the superiority of this latest technique in brainwave entrainment. This article moves beyond technical comparisons and explores the exciting benefits of isochronic tones. Their potential is truly remarkable!


Whether your goal is relaxation with alpha brainwaves, greater concentration (including ADD treatment) with beta brainwaves, exploring the subconscious in theta, or exploiting the physical regeneration that accompanies delta, your goal will be reached quicker, easier, and more effectively with isochronic tones. While headphones are not necessary with this technology, using them will enhance your meditation session by cutting out unwanted distractions. Choose your destination wisely, because these tones work!


  • Free yourself from stress with powerful meditation sessions, attaining a relaxed alpha state in as little as ten minutes. The more you listen to these special recordings, the easier it will be for you to revert to a state of inner peace. You no longer need to be a hostage to the worries and pressures of everyday life that seem so inescapable in our usual waking state of beta.
  • Tap into the creativity of the right brain that runs rampant when the conscious mind is asleep. Come up with solutions to nagging problems that your logical mind cannot fathom. Encouraging theta waves on a regular basis will make the wisdom of the subconscious mind readily available through enhanced intuition.
  • Enjoy natural and healthy feelings of well-being without resorting to self-destructive habits like alcohol or drugs. The restoration of neuro-chemical equilibrium that takes place in the theta state will help you break free of addictive patterns of behavior.
  • Perform at your highest level and act with greater confidence. The performance-enhancing properties of theta brainwaves were demonstrated by a study involving 100 students of the Royal College of Music in London. Those exposed to theta sessions improved by one musical grade – and the gains were permanent.
  • Effectively treat Attention-Deficit Disorder by inducing beta waves if your natural tendency is to exhibit excessive theta. Most people need to spend less time in a beta state, but those suffering from ADD have the opposite problem. Isochronic tone recordings can induce beta brainwaves just as well if needed.
  • Repair your body on a cellular level by inducing the delta waves normally generated only during deep sleep. It is in this state – which many poor sleepers seldom reach – that DNA repair is effected. In an increasingly polluted world that threatens us with so many carcinogenic substances, our bodies need every opportunity to repair damage. If you’re not getting enough proper sleep, you need to spend more time in delta.

These are just a few of the many personal benefits attainable with isochronic tone brainwave entrainment. The value of these benefits far exceeds the remarkably low cost of these recordings, which can be downloaded over the internet in the comfort of your own home. Today, the results of years of neural research and advanced digital audio technology are available with an ease that would boggle the minds of earlier generations.

You can start experiencing some of these benefits for free with some high-quality samples from The Unexplainable Store. There is nothing more exciting than exploring the potentials that have always been within you!

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